Rewriting the rules of connectivity.

CriticalLinc™ enables two-way LMR and LTE communications like no one else.

Meet the people behind our beyond reliable network

Our dedicated employees ensure the reliability of our network under the most challenging conditions, ensuring you have connectivity when it matters most.

Jennifer C.

Senior Market Sales Executive

James E.

RAN Service Tech

Cedric R.

Accounting Operations Manager

Charlene R.

Market Coordinator

Hank C.

Senior RAN Service Tech

Joe G.

Senior RAN Service Tech

Felice H.

Customer Service Supervisor

Gordy H.

Senior Project Manager

William N.

Senior RAN Service Tech

Scott P.

RAN Service Tech

Michael R.

MSO-EPC Operations Manager

Betsy M.

Senior Public Sector Sales Executive

Jackie D.

Senior Sales Support Representative

John L.

Senior RAN Service Tech

John L.

Senior Market Sales Executive

Scott D.

RAN Service Tech

Quanique C.

Senior Product Engineer

Tapan P.

RAN System Architect

Keith C.

Senior RAN Service Technician

Debra S.

Senior Product Engineer

Jacob F.

Telecommunications Technician III

Dale B.

Senior RAN Service Technician

James P.

RAN Service Technician III

Success Stories

Your team needs a network that supports you whenever duty calls. Trust the CriticalLinc™ LTE network and our network of employees in all your critical moments. But don't rely on our word for it. Listen to the stories of our customers.

City of Brewton AL

The IT Director for the City of Brewton, AL shares how mission critical Push To Talk and data services from Southern Linc help city employees work effectively.

Advanced EMS

Advanced EMS of Andalusia, AL shares how mission critical Push To Talk service from Southern Linc helps their team work effectively.

Black Warrior EMC

Alabama's largest electrical co-op has relied on Southern Linc phone service for over 21 years. But when they replaced satellite technology with our wireless modems at their substations, they could hardly believe the results. The reliability, serviceability and cost savings were incredible.

The network built for mission critical moments.

Your choice of a wireless network is a critical call to make. If your team performs critical operations, you need the beyond reliable LTE network, CriticalLinc™ from Southern Linc. Renowned for public-sector grade Push To Talk, LTE voice and mobile data services.

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Dependable wireless communications available on cutting-edge mobile devices.

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Network redundancy ensures pervasive connectivity, even during critical events.

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Enterprise-ready tcybersecurity protocols secure and protect your network and assets.

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Extend your private radio network across ours with interworking LMR and LTE solutions.

Learn more about our mission critical solutions.