Billing and Payment Information USAGE ALERT TEXT SERVICE

Southern Linc provides Usage Alert Text Service for our customers who have text messaging provisioned on one of our currently offered service plans. This service sends you a text alert when you have used 75% of the cell or Push To Talk minutes, text messages and data included in your monthly plan. And, you'll receive a second text message notifying when you have exceeded the usage included in your plan.

Usage Alert Text Service is designed to help you be more aware of your usage and to help you avoid costly overages on your bill. If you have questions about the service, please contact our Customer Solution team.


Online Account Manager

New Online Account Manager lets customers make changes to their account online. Now customers can change service plans, add and remove packages on multiple lines, swap SIM cards, and request new cellular and PTT numbers from a laptop or pc with internet access.

Online Account Manager has links to Southern Linc's online upgrade tool and the online store as well. To use this took, customers must establish a password on their accounts with Customer Solution and then register using the link below.

View your Usage Activity Online

Southern Linc customers can view account usage details for each line on your account as of midnight the previous business day online. Just log into this online usage tool and select the cell phone number you want to view from a drop down list of lines on the account.

Individual usage details for each line are provided for major categories of service including cellular, push to talk, roaming, text messaging (in and out), long distance, night and weekend cellular, data, downloads, directory assistance. In addition, the amount due is shown and indicates if the account is current or past due. Customers are able to take advantage of online bill payment from this tool as well.

Your Billing Statement

Several factors determine the amount of your cellular bill every month. The bill sample PDF below shows the main sections of a bill and how various charges are listed. If you wish to speak with someone about your billing statement, please call our Customer Solution at 1-800-406-0151 or dial 611 from your Southern Linc phone.

View Sample Bill Statement (pdf)

Bill Payment Options

You have choices when it comes to the most convenient way to pay your Southern Linc phone bill. You can pay online, by phone, in person or by mail. You can even set up an auto payment to make your monthly payment effortless.

Online Bill View and Payment

Eliminate the clutter of a paper bill and view your Southern Linc bill online. It's easy and efficient. Each month, you'll receive an e-mail notice when it's time to view your latest statement. After viewing your bill, you can choose to pay online or by the method that suits you best. On line Bill View and Payment lets you:

  • View your complete bill online 24/7
  • Pay your bill directly from your checking account
  • Set up a recurring payment schedule
  • Save on postage and minimize paper waste

One-time Online Payment

Make a one-time online payment for just $3.50 per transaction. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or electronic check from a bank account.

Pay by Phone

No time to mail your payment? For $3.50 per transaction, you can call 1-800-611-0971 to pay by phone. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or electronic check from a bank account.

Pay in Person

Pay Your Bill at Participating Dealer Locations

Select Southern Linc dealers offer CheckFreePay™ Walk-In Bill Payment. It's a convenient and secure way to pay your bills in person. With your transactions you will get a receipt for your payment. It is a great way to pay multiple bills in one location and avoid late fees and service charges. (CheckFreePay may assess a charge for this service. Check with the dealer before making your payment.)

Pay by Mail

To make sure your checks are processed quickly and your billing records stay accurate and up-to-date, just follow these simple steps when paying by mail:

  • Write your account number on the memo line of your check
  • Include the payment slip with your check
  • Please do not use staples or paper clips
  • Use the envelope provided
  • Do not mail cash

Send payments to
Southern Linc
P.O. BOX 931581
ATLANTA GA 31193-1581

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