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The Cat S62 phone
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A rugged phone built for extreme work conditions.

The Cat® S62.

Tough enough for the demands of the job. Tough enough for the CriticalLinc™ LTE network. Trust the rugged and reliable Cat® S62 smartphone for all your mission critical operations.

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We've got the Southeast covered.

Our mission critical LTE coverage is more reliable than ever before. With more than 122,000 square miles of coverage throughout the Southeast, the CriticalLinc™ network delivers beyond reliable service in all your critical moments. Use the interactive map to see coverage in your area.

Coverage depiction does not a guarantee data speed or service availability. Coverage may not be available everywhere and is subject to change.

Because today's business is more mobile than ever.

Reliable devices certified for the CriticalLinc™ network.

The Cat S62 phone

The Ultimate Work Phone. The Boss

The Cat® S62.

Drips. Drops. Dust. No problem. The Cat S62® is built for extreme work conditions. All the ruggedness you expect from Caterpillar paired with our beyond reliable network.

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The Cat S62 phone

The smartphones that mean business.

Samsung Galaxy Phones

Stay productive virtually anywhere you go with Samsung Galaxy phones. With HD+ displays, wireless charging, and water and dust resistance, Samsung devices push the limits of what's possible.

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The Cat S62 phone

A fast 4G LTE connection for remote learning and working.

Franklin Wireless R717 Hotspot

Rely on the Franklin Wireless R717 mobile hotspot. This instant and secure broadband solution enables up to 15 wireless-enabled devices to access the CriticalLinc LTE data network using a wireless hotspot data plan. The R717 is well-suited for learning and working in remote locations.

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    The network built for critical moments.

    CriticalLinc™ is more than a mission critical LTE network. It's a network of people who support you in all your mission critical moments. We are CriticalLinc.

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    Tomorrow's technology is already here.

    Wireless data enables endless possibilities, such as smarter cities and the Internet of Things. Southern Linc has the network, data plans, and equipment to make it a reality.

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