Mission critical Push To Talk that just won't quit.

Southern Linc is the first carrier in the country to bring you public sector-grade Push To Talk on a public LTE network. New MCPTT continues to deliver the proven capabilities you and your team trust, plus some robust new features that make you more effective out in the field.

Introducing Sonim Direct Mode

Use your XP8 for short–range two–way radio communications when no network service available.

Sonim Direct Mode is a special accessory and application that creates a localized network between users who are .5 to 1 mile* apart. The Sonim Direct Mode app lets you talk by two–way radio, text, use maps, and share your location with other Sonim Direct Mode app users who are within range of your localized network. Each time you use voice, text, or location sharing in the app, the data is sent directly through this network.

Sonim Direct Mode is there when you have no cellular or Wi–Fi service.

A Sonim Direct Mode network operates independently of cellular or Wi–Fi. It connects to other Direct Mode users when they are within range of the localized network.

Anytime you are in a location without cellular –– rural environments, forests, within large buildings, inside tunnels, or when cellular coverage is down like in a major storm or other emergencies –– use Sonim Direct Mode for 2–way radio, text, or location sharing.

Get started with off–network communications for your team.

Once you have purchased the Sonim Direct Mode accessory, there are no additional charges to take advantage of off–network communications. You can purchase the Direct Mode accessory for your XP8 from a Southern Linc Dealer, sales representative or online.

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*Actual range and voice quality depend on usage area's environment, location, terrain and area interference. Direct Mode cannot guarantee transmission 100% of the time. With more Direct Mode users, the opportunity of a missed call increases. Confirmation of Direct Mode transmissions via text or voice is encouraged.


We've enhanced our basic Push To Talk service. CriticalLinc customers have access to two-way private PTT calling and group PTT calling - plus some valuable new features:

  • Broadcast Group Calling
  • Talk Group Scanning
  • Ad hoc Group Calling
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High Performance MCPTT
High Performance MCPTT

High Performance MCPTT will be available late in late 2018 for $10 a month on the Sonim XP8 plan. It includes features that improve on the Basic MCPTT plan.

  • PTT Map
  • PTT Message
  • Emergency Call
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