HAC Ratings

Pursuant to applicable FCC rules and regulations, Southern Linc currently groups its handset portfolio into three (3) levels of functionality. Factors used by Southern Linc in developing "levels of functionality" include, but are not limited to, technical specifications, ergonomic features, retail price, and targeted or likely end-user groups. A description of Southern Linc' levels of functionality is set forth below:

Functionality Level Description Models

Handsets for use by the general consumer population in routine daily voice and text message communications.


Rugged handsets for use by consumers engaged in construction, building services trades, utilities and public safety operations.

Sonim XP5s

Handsets provide access to email, full QWERTY keyboard, along with an advanced operating system with the ability to install applications.

Sonim XP8

HAC Models Currently Available from Southern Linc

Southern Linc has several handsets that are Hearing Aid Compliant. To learn more or to purchase a HAC handset online, click on one of the models below.

Enabling HAC Mode on Sonim Phones


  1. From Notifications or Apps menu, tap on Settings > Device > Sound.
  2. Hac mode: Enable this option to make your device hearing aid compatible.


  1. Select the Call Dialing Screen.
  2. Select the Settings button.
  3. Scroll down and Select Call settings.
  4. Select Accessibility.
  5. Turn on Hearing Aid mode.