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XP8 Promotional Offer

Effective August 1 through October 31, 2019, new or existing customers may purchase a new Sonim XP8 smartphone for $99 with the activation of a new line of CriticalLinc LTE service with a two-year agreement. A second XP8 phone is available at no cost with the activation of a second new line of service with a two-year agreement. Service Terms and Southern Linc's Acceptable Use Policy apply. Details follow below and at left.

Service Terms -- Applies to all Rate Plans

Activation fee may apply. Up to $200 early termination fee may apply. Southern Linc uses a declining balance Early Termination Fee structure. This declining Early Termination Fee only applies to new lines of service and to existing commercial customers who extend their service agreements after January 1, 2010. For more information regarding Early Termination Fee, call Southern Linc Customer Solutions at 1-800-818-LINC (5462). Taxes, fees and surcharges may apply, including but not limited to, universal service, cost recovery and E911 fees. Subject to credit approval, customer agreements and certain restrictions. Additional terms and conditions may apply, that include, but not limited to, customer agreements. The rates, plans, services, equipment, prices fees and promotions set forth herein are subject to change.

Linc PTT App Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Linc PTT and related apps are contained within the application and must be accepted prior to first use.

Use of Unlimited Services

Unlimited Services associated with service plans are subject to permissible usage in accordance with the Southern Linc acceptable use policy. Unlimited Services associated with regional service plans are only available within the Southern Linc Regional Service Area and are subject to permissible usage in accordance with Southern Linc' acceptable use policy.

Unlimited Picture Messaging

Unlimited Picture Messaging is available in the Southern Linc Service Area. Subject to permissible usage in accordance with the Southern Linc Acceptable Use Policy. Service requires a Southern Linc So Easy service plan. Service is subject to all terms and conditions on the customer agreement. Unlimited Picture Messaging may not be available on all phone models; call Customer Support at 1-800-818-LINC to verify if your phone is compatible. Unlimited Picture Messaging is included in the So Easy Unlimited and So Easy Unlimited Plus and So Simple 2-year plans. Picture messaging on DataPlus plans requires a 2G/3G data network. After monthy data allowance is met, service will not be available until the next billing cycle. Taxes, fees and surcharges may apply.