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Upgrade and Renewal Program for Southern Linc Commercial Customers

Business customers that renew services after the completion of their current service contract may be eligible for the Upgrade and Renewal Program (the "Program"), as determined by Southern Linc. Eligibility for participation in the Program is based on the customer's credit history with Southern Linc and no additional credit reports will be pulled or considered in making this determination.

Eligible customers may select one of the following two options as a part of the Program:

  1. Two months' service access credit for each line of service renewed to be credited on the first and the last month of the service period. If customer terminates service early, the customer shall forfeit the last month's credit and the early termination terms of the Customer Agreement shall apply; or
  2. A device upgrade either (i) at a discounted price (if the device is paid for upfront) or (ii) under an installment payment plan where the customer may pay for the device in 24 equal monthly installment payments. Installment payment plans are subject to a separate Installment Payment Agreement.

Device upgrade options:

Eligible Device Discounted Price Monthly Installment Payment
SAMSUNG GALAXY XCOVER6 PRO $576 (1 time payment) OR $24.00/month (24 months)

What you should know: The terms of the customer's Customer Agreement with Southern Linc shall continue to apply and shall govern the customer's use of services during the Program. Taxes due at sale. If service is cancelled, all remaining installment payments are due and/or service access credit will be forfeited. Installment payment plans subject to Installment Payment Agreement. Program eligibility requires account in good standing and renewal of qualified service. Promotions, pricing, plan options, products and services, availability, terms and restrictions subject to change and may be modified or terminated at any time without notice.

Service Terms -- Applies to all Rate Plans

Activation fee may apply. A Termination charge may apply if you terminate services prior to the end of your initial term. For more information regarding a Termination Charge, call Southern Linc Customer Solutions at 1-800-818-LINC (5462). Taxes, fees and surcharges may apply, including but not limited to, universal service, cost recovery and E911 fees. Subject to credit approval, customer agreements and certain restrictions. Additional terms and conditions may apply, that include, but not limited to, customer agreements. The rates, plans, services, equipment, prices, fees and promotions set forth herein are subject to change.