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LTE is on its way to Southern Linc customers

Sites are in testing and next generation Push To Talk (PTT) and rugged handsets are in development. You'll want to experience the power of LTE PTT from Linc. Expect the service to launch in 2018. Sign up below to stay updated on our progress.

Superior Encryption

We know that keeping critical data secure is more important than ever. That's why our 4G LTE will come with over-the-air network encryption and encryption from our Southern Linc towers to our core data centers. We believe that your data security matters and go beyond the security standards for wireless carriers.

Built-in Backup

Southern Linc is utilizing hydrogen fuel cell technology at key locations and adding both main power and data center redundancy. What this means for you is fewer outages - even when the other carriers have them.

Continuing Reliability

Our cellular and PTT technology has been a reliable staple for more than 20 years. The Southern Linc engineering team is bringing that same commitment to keeping you connected for our 4G LTE service.

Rapid Response

When a crisis arises, we have a fully-equipped emergency response team and state-of-the-art network management tools to keep you connected when it matters most.

Business Accommodating

Data is essential to the modern business. We provide an unrivaled data experience for mission-critical services. Together with our Southern Linc LTE data network, we can maximize your business operations.


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