Service Plans

Southern Linc offers our government customers measurable cost-savings through a variety of plans that fit the varying needs of government agencies. Plans feature low, per-unit monthly rates along with savings like these:

  • Mobile to Mobile calling to reduces billable cellular minutes
  • Per-second billing on all local phone calls after the first minute of each call
  • Billing from connect to disconnect only, not for time spent waiting for another party to answer

With a few additional features, you will find even more savings in terms of phone expense, enhanced staff productivity, fewer trips back to the office, and reduced downtime.

For example:

  • GroupTALK Group Push To Talk - Provides the capability to instantly speak simultaneously to a number of people - saving both valuable staff time and expensive cell phone minutes.
  • Private Push To Talk 2-way Radio - Lets you hold private conversations with a colleague without using up your cell phone minutes, all at the touch of a button.
  • Wireless Data Access - Offers access to records and other relevant data right from the road, eliminating trips back to the office and reducing paperwork. Connectivity to crime databases and real-time reporting via car-mounted laptops further increase law enforcement security.
  • Moblie Web Browser - Allows for sending and receiving email and provides access to web-based information like news, weather, and traffic.
  • Vehicle Location & Fleet Management - Lets you oversee an entire mobile operation to improve productivity, contain costs, improve customer service, and more. You get a complete picture of your mobile fleet in action, along with the ability to track the speed, location, and direction of every one of your vehicles.

Service Plan Pricing

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