Frequently Asked Questions about Phone Security

Protect yourself from Smartphone Theft

Use these Tips to Safeguard your Smartphone

Most people know there's a high re-sale value of expensive smartphones, and that makes them a target for theft. Southern Linc recommends you follow these steps to protect your smartphone from theft.

BEFORE your smartphone is lost or stolen:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings. In public, observe who is using smartphones and determine whether you should reveal your smartphone. Don't leave it on a table at a restaurant so everyone can see it, and try not to use it when using public transportation or while you are walking alone. Furthermore, don't hand your smartphone to others who ask to make a call or for directions.
  2. Lock your smartphone. Establish a password for your smartphone. Create one that is hard to predict and change it on a periodic basis. If you don't know how to set a password for your Android or BlackBerry smartphone, click this link to see video and print instructions from CTIA.
  3. Add apps to secure your smartphone. Today, there are many apps that will remotely track, lock and/or erase your smartphone. There are even some apps will trigger an alarm signaling that the smartphone has been stolen. Some will take a photo of the thief so you can send it to police. CTIA suggests you add a security app to your smartphone. Check out their listing of apps by operating system by using this link: smartphone security apps.
  4. Save your smartphone content. Your smartphone should not be the only place that contains your photos, emails, and contacts. You should backup your smartphone, just as you backup files on your computer. Review your smartphones user guide to get information on how to back-up the content on your smartphone. User guides for Southern Linc smartphones can be found by clicking this user guides link.

AFTER the loss or theft of your smartphone, take these steps:

The Federal Communications Commission suggests that if you are not certain whether your smartphone was stolen or if you misplaced it, try calling it or use any anti-theft software that you may have installed.

  1. Lock it. Hopefully, you have installed an anti-theft app on your device, now is the time to use it! Lock your smartphone, wipe your personal information, and/or activate an alarm if your app has that feature.
  2. Report the theft. If you know your smartphone has been stolen, immediately call your local police department. Provide the manufacturer's name and model, serial number and IMEI number from your smartphone. Most of this information is on the original box your smartphone came in. Let police know what kinds of security apps were on the smartphone, and get a police report number from them. Following your call to the police, call Southern Linc at 1-800-818-5462 with your police report number so we can assist you in limiting unauthorized use and help with the next steps to acquire a replacement smartphone.
    If your device was lost, call us at 1-800-818-5462 so we can assist you in limiting unauthorized use and help with the next steps to acquire a replacement smartphone.
  3. Erase your smartphone. If you downloaded an app that permits you to “wipe” your smartphone remotely, do so. (This is why a backup for your smartphone content is very important.)

Southern Linc and CTIA remind you that your personal safety, not your smartphone, should always be your number one priority. Do not try to recover you smartphone from a thief on your own.