Federal Universal Service Fee

The goal of the Federal Universal Services Fund (USF) is to ensure that all Americans have access to quality telecommunications services at affordable rates. Not only does the USF ensure that customers in hard to access and predominantly rural areas receive quality telecom services at prices they can afford, it also subsidizes programs such as Internet services for schools and libraries, services for low-income consumers and rural health care providers.

All telecommunications providers are required to pay into the fund.

A carrier's contribution to the USF is based the portion of its revenue that is derived from interstate and international service multiplied by a contribution factor that is set each quarter by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The USF fee is also based on the mix of services you subscribe to and/or use in a particular month. Accordingly, the USF fee may vary month to month. Southern Linc will not collect and is prohibited by law from collecting a USF fee that exceeds the amount it pays into the USF on behalf of its customer.

Although the total amount will appear in the "Other Fees" section of your statement, the USF is not considered a tax by the FCC and therefore the interstate revenue generated by government agencies is not exempt from the USF calculation.

Southern Linc is required to pay into the USF fund based on all customers' use, including governments' and expects all customers to pay their fee in full.