Success Stories


"Other service providers offer PTT, but Southern Linc dominates this market [western Alabama]," Wilson said. "In our area, pretty much everyone in the construction industry has Southern Linc. It’s really nice that we all have one consistent communications platform."
- Forest Wilson, TTL Vice President


In 2002, TTL began using Southern Linc. TTL quickly benefited from the Southern Linc Push To Talk (PTT) two-way radio offering because it provided a cost-effective means for employees to quickly connect with one another, as well as with business counterparts in the region.
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Southern Linc improved communications for TTL in the following ways:

  • Cost: Before Southern Linc, Wilson was unaware of the cost benefits associated with providing employees with a PTT-based phone. Many Southern Linc plans offer unlimited use of the PTT service, making it more affordable than relying solely on traditional cellular phone calls.
  • Interoperability: With Southern Linc, TTL employees can quickly connect with each other, as well as with counterparts from other companies, vendors and customers who utilize Southern Linc service.
  • Choice: TTL field employees needed durable phones that hold up to the demands of working on a construction site, while office employees wanted thinner, more stylish phones. The Southern Linc phone portfolio met the diverse needs of TTL’s employees. “I can honestly say we don’t know what we would do without Southern Linc’ PTT service,” concluded Wilson.
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