Success Stories

Georgia Power

"When we’re doing the switching, transferring or putting electricity down, we want everyone to be able to listen to our orders and then go," said Strickland. "If you can’t talk to people to confirm that everyone knows what’s going on, it becomes a very risky situation."
- Aaron Strickland, Storm Director


The Southern Linc network was built to meet the needs of Southern Company’s power companies, which require highly reliable communications during all kinds of weather. Southern Linc has been able to resolve Georgia Power’s weather-related communications challenges better than its previous solution, a 450 MHz radio system. Read the full story.
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SouthernLINC Wireless improved communications for Georgia Power in the following ways:

  • Reliability: Since SouthernLINC Wireless built its system with back-up batteries, generators and towers designed to withstand severe ice and winds, Strickland knows he can connect with all recovery teams even when storms strike numerous locales at the same time.
  • Interoperability: With SouthernLINC Wireless, Strickland can speak with his teams at Georgia Power, as well as those from other Southern Company operating companies. Strickland confirmed that many vendors that support Georgia Power also are SouthernLINC Wireless customers, making it easy to connect and communicate with them.
  • Privacy: Since the Southern Linc network is digital and private, Strickland no longer worries about leaking sensitive information that may be disclosed during storm response calls.
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