Success Stories

City of Dothan

Public Sector
"The public service agencies in Dothan work hand in hand, so it’s important that everyone can connect quickly with one another – especially in the event of an emergency," said Powell. "Southern Linc provides the police and fire teams with a redundant system – which doesn’t tie up the Motorola radio system."
- John Powell, Dothan Chief of Police


The city of Dothan has benefited immensely from a combination of interoperable cellular phones and more reliable radios. Now, city personnel have the ability to connect immediately at the push of a button, whether they’re using a city radio or a Southern Linc phone.
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Southern Linc and the Motorola ASTRO 25 improved communications for the City of Dothan in the following ways:

  • Interoperability: Motorola and Southern Linc worked together to help ensure that the ASTRO 25 radios operated seamlessly with the Southern Linc phones, enabling communications across multiple agencies. “One of the greatest benefits of working with Southern Linc is interoperability – the ability to reliably communicate with other local and state agencies,” stated Powell.
  • Network Reliability: Since its inception, the Southern Linc network has a proven track record of providing reliable communications during and after several major hurricanes, including Erin, Opal, Ivan and Katrina. Powell said that the wireless phones proved reliable in past emergency scenarios, including when a tornado hit Enterprise, Ala., in 2007.
  • Critical Coverage: Since Southern Linc functions across the state throughout metro and rural areas, Dothan city officials knew that the carrier’s service would be reliable even in remote locales where they had experienced spotty coverage from the city’s private radio system.
Actual results may vary. Several factors may affect or interfere with the service availability and quality as described above such as, but not limited to, network changes, traffic volume, service outages, weather and your equipment.