Success Stories

Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Office

Public Sector
Tuscaloosa County is one of the largest counties in Alabama. Its sheriffs and deputies patrol the vast area in patrol cars, an OH-58 Jet Ranger helicopter, a boat, ATVs and more. The county needed to ensure that police could communicate effectively at all times.


Using Motorola’s iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) technology that offers fast and private communications, Southern Linc effectively combines Push To Talk, cellular phone service, paging and wireless Internet and data access.
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Southern Linc improved communications for Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s Department in the following ways:

  • Immediate communication: Using wireless voice and data solutions from Southern Linc, the deputies benefit from quick communication that helps them prevent crimes, perform rescue operations and enhance public safety for Tuscaloosa County citizens.
  • Connectivity: The Sheriff’s Office often uses Southern Linc technology to manage a crime scene. With Push To Talk, officers can speak directly with one another – which enhances accountability for everyone.
  • Privacy: Because the Southern Linc network is entirely digital and inherently private, officers can rest assured that their conversations will remain confidential. According to Motorola, there is no known scanner that can intercept transmissions over the Southern Linc network.
Actual results may vary. Several factors may affect or interfere with the service availability and quality as described above such as, but not limited to, network changes, traffic volume, service outages, weather and your equipment.