Success Stories

North Georgia Brick

"In a construction company, the patience level is very low. We must have the ability to communicate vast amounts of information quickly and reliably in the field to make sure our projects are finished when we say they will be finished."
- Brad Simons, Dispatch Manager


Southern Linc has proven to be a valuable partner for North Georgia Brick with its cellular and Push to Talk-enabled phones and iTRAK, a fleet management feature to keep dispatchers and drivers connected. Read the full story.
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Southern Linc has improved communications for North Georgia Brick in the following ways:

  • Efficiency: Communications solutions from Southern Linc help North Georgia Brick reduce delivery cycle times and increase the number of loads per shift.
  • Reliability: Even when bad weather strikes, communication service from Southern Linc keeps the North Georgia Brick team connected.
  • Immediate communications: Push To Talk two-way radio from Southern Linc provides an effective technology for dispatchers and drivers to instantly communicate when changes need to be made on the fly.
Actual results may vary. Several factors may affect or interfere with the service availability and quality as described above such as, but not limited to, network changes, traffic volume, service outages, weather and your equipment.