Selective Dynamic Group Calling

Selective Dynamic Group Call (SDGC) gives users the ability to create a customized group list on their phone at any time and initiate a PTT call to that group. SDGC PTT calls can be made across Southern Linc fleets or within the same fleet -- just choose the contact and add them to the group.

Most phone models sold by Southern Linc over the last 2 years are SDGC capable, but a special purple SDGC SIM card is required to access the feature on our network. This SIM is available for $15 at any Southern Linc store, Authorized Dealer or at the online store at

Using SDGC is easy!

  • Create a list
    Create a list
  • Select the list and press the Push To Talk button.
    Select the list and press the Push To Talk button.

The following Motorola phones are SDGC capable.

i275 i365 i465 i576 i686 i856w i880 i867 i850
i290 i365IS i475 i576r i760 i870 i886 Titanium i830e
i296 i410 i485 i580 i776 i876 i890 i1 i833
i335 i420 i560 i605 i776w i876w i9 8350i
i355 i460 i570 i680 i856 i877 r765 7100i
What do I do after I buy the SDGC SIM card?
  • If you purchased your new SIM online, Call the Customer Solution at 1-800-406-0151 and ask a representative to "swap" the SIM card associated with your phone to the new purple SIM. If you are purchasing from a Southern Linc store or Authorized Dealer, they will handle this step for you.
  • Copy the contacts saved on your current SIM card to your new purple SIM. The fastest and easiest method to transfer contacts is by using a SIM copier. A SIM copier can be purchased from the Southern Linc online store or you can visit a Southern Linc store or Authorized Dealer for assistance with this step.
  • Place the new purple SIM card in your phone and power up your phone. You're now ready to create groups and make PTT group calls!