Push To Send Picture Benefits
Push To Send Picture

A picture says a thousand words, and sending a picture makes things clearer. By snapping a photo and sending it via Push To Talk, you can identify a needed part, document what is missing on a job site, document a color, identify people or capture a special event and share it with other SouthernLINC Wireless subscribers. Even phones without cameras can receive, view and send pictures they have received from others.

Step-by-step how-to

  • Press your phone's menu key
  • Scroll to PTT Features or LINC Manager (older phones) and select "Send Picture"
  • Choose "A Contact" or "A Recent Call"
  • Capture a picture or choose a picture stored in your phone or on your phone's memory card
  • Press PTT button to send
  • The PTT Send Picture feature requires the recipient to accept the picture. If the recipient does not accept it, the sender will see a message saying "Contact not accepting message."


  • Both the sending party and receiving party must have a data package or a service plan that bills data usage on a per-KB basis.
  • Phones must have an IP address that permits use of data services.
  • Picture must be sent and received within the SouthernLINC Wireless Regional Calling Area.
  • Picture must not exceed the 100KB size limit.
  • Your personal contact info (My Info) must first be shared with a recipient before the contact will show up in the Contact or Recent Call list.
  • Non-camera phones must have a Media Center or My Pictures software loaded.
  • This feature is not available on BlackBerry® 7100i and BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i.
  • View the How To Video

Troubleshooting tips

Getting one of the following messages?

  • Sender receives: Send Failed: Session Timed Out
  • Receiver gets: Receive Failed: Session Timed Out

What to do...

Your IP address may not permit picture messaging. Contact the Customer Solution at 1.800.818.5462 to determine if your IP address needs to be changed to permit picture messaging.