Push To Send Location Benefits
Push To Send Location

Find out where another SouthernLINC Wireless subscriber is located. This feature works in conjunction with the GPS in your phone. Location information is the time stamped Latitude/Longitude providing the direction or distance from the sender to the recipient in miles. Send Location is great when you are traveling with others in separate vehicles or trying to see who may be nearby to assist on a project. It's also good for parents who want to check on the location of a family member carrying a SouthernLINC Wireless phone.

Step-by-step how-to

  • Press your phone's menu key
  • Scroll to PTT Features or LINC Manager (older phones) and select "Send Location"
  • Select the person you are trying to locate from your Contacts list
  • Press the PTT button
  • When they PTT back, location information will be provided to you